3D Printed Tetra Kinematics 41 Necklace

3D Printed Tetra Kinematics 41 Necklace

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Tetra Kinematics 41n is a 3D-printed necklace made of forty-one unique pieces. The Tetra Kinematics style features organic extrusions. Varying the size of the underlying triangular framework results in a morphing, undulating landscape of smoothed tetrahedrons.

The Kinematics system creates complex, foldable forms composed of articulated modules. It provides a way to turn any three-dimensional shape into a flexible structure. Each jewelry design is an assemblage of hinged, triangular parts that behave as a continuous fabric in aggregate. Kinematics jewelry naturally and comfortably molds to the body’s contours, highlighting the complex and subtly shifting patterns of each piece. This is 21st-century jewelry, designed and manufactured using techniques that did not exist until recently.

This necklace is built up layer-by-layer in strong but slightly flexible nylon plastic using selective laser sintering, a kind of 3D printing. The hinges are built in during the printing process so each design comes out of the printer fully assembled. The pieces are polished until smooth, but they retain a delicate texture from the printing process. The necklace is fastened simply and securely with a hidden magnetic clasp.

Material: polished 3D-printed nylon

Measurements in cm: 7 x 7 x 0.2